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Quality Review Process

The eCampusAlberta Quality Review Process has been developed to guide institutions in the review of online courses and the associated online support requirements for courses to be submitted for delivery through eCampusAlberta. While high quality course development and delivery is the institution’s responsibility and each institution will evaluate their own courses, eCampusAlberta courses must meet quality assurance standards set by the consortium, known as the Essential Quality Standards.

The Quality Review Process

  • The Course Review and Implementation Process describes each step in the process along with associated standards. It includes the roles of the Institution, the eCA Quality Manager, and the eCA Reviewers.
  • The Course Review Flowchart is a visual representation of the Quality Review Process.
  • The Course Review Report Form is used to report the findings from the quality review of each course.  This is being replaced by the eCampusAlberta Quality Review System (EQRS).
  • The EQRS is an online quality review system that was implemented February, 2015.  It is used by the institutions to request EQS 2.0 reviews and receive completed review reports, by the reviewers to complete the review reports, and by the Quality Manager to manage the review process.
  • The eCampusAlberta course catalogue is used to track reviews. Institutions have designated administrative access to the catalogue to manage their course catalogue entries and access course review reports.
  • The Quality Team Process for Reviewing Institutional Course Templates describes the procedures for institutions to receive feedback on their course templates, based on the Essential Quality Standards 2.0.

Quality 2.0 Documents

  • The Brochure summarizes the 27 Essential Quality Standards.
  • The Essential Quality Standards 2.0 provides all of the standards with the three levels of achievement.
  • The eLearning Rubric is an online tool that can be used to self-assess eLearning projects.
  • The eLearning Rubric Booklet may be used to self-assess existing courses or those under development.  It may also be used as a guide by  faculty and online curriculum developers for planning putposes.
  • The Self Assessment Checklist may be used in conjuction with the eLearning Rubric Booklet to record results of a course self assessment.

The Original Essential Quality Standards 1.0

Previous Quality Suite 1.0 Materials are available on the Quality Suite page of the eCampusAlberta.ca web site. 

The Online Curriculum Development Fund (OCDF)

All new courses funded through the OCDF are required to meet the Essential Quality Standards.


For questions about the quality review process or the Online Curriculum Development Fund (OCDF), contact Barb Armstrong, Quality Manager, eCampusAlberta, info@eCampusAlberta.ca

Quality Review